Heroes and Heroines Live Action Roleplay (Larp/LRP)

A UK Live Roleplaying Group Based in The West Midlands

LARP Costume, Equipment and Kit


Costumes and Equipment

Your character's costume can be as complicated as you want it to be! Some people really enjoy spending hours making costumes for themselves, or scouring the internet for just the right bit of clothing that will suit their character. The important thing is that there is only one hard-'n'-fast rule: Don’t wear ‘modern looking’ items of clothing! Jeans and a t-shirt are out we're afraid...

That doesn't mean you can only wear things made 200 years ago, or that you have to spend hundreds of pounds buying bespoke costume online! Just be careful when you're selecting items that they aren't covered in modern things like zips, or brand names! Some of our best costume bits have come from charity shops, and we highly recommend trawling charity shops for costume ideas... You can always modify things you buy there , replacing zips with buttons and the like... Most of our members find they really enjoy modifying charity shop finds into really unique LARP costume... But of course, if you want to spend a couple of hundred pounds on your costume, go for it!

For a list of companies who Heroes and Heroines Roleplayers have used and had good expereinces with in the past, visit our LARP Links page here: http://www.heroesandheroines.org/heroes-and-heroines-live-roleplaying-links.php

Hiring Costume from the Club

If you just want to try out LARP, without any commitment, then you're welcome to hire a basic costume from the club. We charge £3 for costume hire for an 8 hour event, which will get you a basic robe and an appropriate tabard. The £3 is to cover the amount it costs us to pack, transport and wash/dry the kit after use. We also ask that if you damage the kit you hire you are prepared to put your hand in your pocket to replace it. As we've said before, we're a small, not-for-profit club, and replacing a £40 robe does actually hurt us financially.

Hiring Weapons from the Club

Weapons are probably the single biggest financial outlay in LARP. A weapon typically costs in the region of £60, but can be substantially more than that depending on what you want.

For this reason, we understand that many new players don't want to fork out that much, particularly if they don't know whether they're going to enjoy themselves or not. If you want to hire a weapon off the club, we offer weapon hire at £2 per weapon on an 8 hour event. As with costume, we ask that if you damage the weapon, you be prepared to pay for repairs or replacement.