Heroes and Heroines Live Action Roleplay (Larp/LRP)

A UK Live Roleplaying Group Based in The West Midlands

Maps of Eden and Idenia, our LARP worlds


Map of Idenia (the new world). 

 Note: what remains of the continent of Eden is the island in the centre.  It floats adrift upon the currents of the ocean.  To understand how this unlikely circumstance came about read the 'History' section of the site.

The other, lesser-known continents are Havdan, Karisen, Theia and Caiso'Tan

Eden Before the Sundering

The circle represents the area that was only a very few years ago magically ripped from the great continent of Eden and transported to Idenia.  What has befallen the surrounding lands (and family and friends residing there) none currently know.

Beyond the borders of this map were many more distant lands, such as Orientalis.  All knowledge of how they fare is also lost to us.

The country of The Protectorate (where our heroes reside) is the area in the South Western portion of the circle.  The other countries to have been transported to Idenia are (from left to right) The WitcheriesEnchantica (and the Fey Forest), a tiny portion of Shadowsfell, The Oakwoods Republic, The Darklands, Stygia, and The Iron League.


Other Accessible Places

As well as the lands shown here, there are a number of other places accessible by magical, spiritual or other means.  

  • Each of the magical elements has their own elemental plane, where creatures of pure magic reside.  They are harsh environments for non-magical creatures.   
  • The Sea of Lost Souls is a terrible place, closely linked to the reviled Necromantic Sphere.  Creatures of undeath are constantly being spawned, ever seeking to spill into the mortal world.  The souls of those who suffered a traumatic death also drift there, unable to find peace.
  • Beneath the earth Dark Elves, Dwarves, Talpedeans and various other subterranean speicies conduct their own conflicts and alliances with each other.  Few seem to know or care about what goes on down there - there are problems enough to contend with upon the surface.
  • The Dreamlands.  Once a large country within Eden, the Dreamlands disappeared shortly before the sundering.  Through the mysterious Way of the Spider Matriach, contact has recently been regained.