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A History of the Heroes and Heroines Live Action Roleplaying World

“So you want to know how we ended up on a continent floating anticlockwise on an ocean inside a ring made up of four other continents.”

The librarian fixes you with a hard stare, gently stroking his long thin beard. There is something peculiar about this ancient scholar but this is who the other auxiliaries suggested you come to if you wanted a straight answer, uncorrupted by guild propaganda.

“And you also want to know if we are going to sink anytime soon too?” a faint flicker of a smile crosses his wizened face. Without waiting for an answer the librarian opens a large leather-bound tome and begins to turn the ancient yellowed pages. “I’m afraid you will need to understand a little bit of history to fully understand the answer to your questions.

Legends and portents reveal that several thousand years ago, the land of Eden was part of a fifth continent in the world of Idenia. There were few Gods at that time but as gods are want to do, they populated their world with their creations. One of these Gods, Nyx, created the Illurians, a race so powerful it threatened to extinguish all other life on this new world. After a prolonged struggle in which the Goddess Theia was destroyed, the Illurians were imprisoned and banished to another plane of existence and with it a land mass one thousand leagues across … that land was known to its inhabitants as Eden.

In the intervening Aeons, the remaining races on Eden did what they do best, fight one another for survival and the right to forge their own lands. Eventually, there were only a handful of individuals long-lived enough to recall what had happened and to all intents and purposes, all memory of this banishment was lost.

The sage shrugs his shoulders slightly. “And why should people care about things that happened so long ago? Most of our records barely go back more than a few centuries. The Protectorate itself is only a few hundred years old and used to be part of the Oakwoods. Most of recent history is full of conflicts of one sort or another” He starts flipping through the pages “The Oakwoods war…The Dread Knights…The Broken Ones’ raids…Don Taglioni…The Guardians…Razlan Infernus…The Swords of Power”


The Heroes and Heroines LARP World of Eden as it used to be


He turns a page, pausing briefly as he looks up at you “but then we come to the Forsaken. Many blame the Forsaken for the loss of so much history, for they actively sought to remove ancient memories from both libraries and indeed those who held this knowledge. This group of quasi-gods were ultimately undefeatable and so it was decided by our allies to force the Forsaken and their minions to the centre of a circle of power and banish them…but all did not go to plan. In the last moments of the ritual, it was interrupted by Alundro, leader and creator of the Forsaken. He used the Ritual’s powers, originally intended to banish a small part of Eden with the Forsaken, to shift a large circular landmass 300 leagues wide back to Idenia. This landmass was now devoid of Forsaken, giving Alundro back much of his powers. Powers that he then used to free the Illurians from their ancient prison.

And what of the other lands in Eden? The Dreamlands escaped in their own way before the Ritual took place and we still have means of contacting them, but other lands like the Unified States and Orientalis are gone"

"The result of a new continent forming in the largest ocean of Idenia was a tidal wave, known as the Cataclysm.  This caused the deaths of thousands of Idenians across all continents and to say it displeased our new neighbours is an understatement. And that was before they realised that we had brought the threat of Illuria with us.

It took many months for the protective magic sphere above Eden to dissipate. The appearance of a thousand mile wide floating island was difficult to miss and it wasn’t long afterwards that visitors from the four Idenian continents started arriving, most by ship but some by magical means. Fortunately, we were able to create alliances with quite a few of our new neighbours and within a matter of years Eden and the New World had amassed a force capable of defeating the Illurians. Combined with the reappearance of the Goddess Theia, the raising of the Elementals and the actions of a few brave heroes, Illuria was destroyed. In fact it burns still…

Which brings us to the present day. We are still learning about our new world and the peoples in it. At present we have made sufficient allies that we are secure. However, I am sure that it will only be a matter of time before we upset somebody sufficiently for them to wonder what makes this land float…and whether there is an easy way to be rid of these pesky newcomers. So the answer to your question of "will we sink?" is "Yes, absolutely!!" The real question however is "when?" It is your job as an auxiliary to ensure that the answer to that question is "Not any time soon!!"

Closing the book the sage smiles at you. "Now, don't you have some pressing mission to go on Auxiliary?"