Heroes and Heroines Live Action Roleplay (Larp/LRP)

A UK Live Roleplaying Group Based in The West Midlands

The Lineages and Species of Heroes and Heroines Live Roleplaying

The Heroes and Heroines LARP/LRP system has a diverse range of different creatures from a variety of fantasy settings and canons. We are proud of our Live Roleplaying System's ability to gracefully adapt to even the most outlandish ideas that our players and referees dream up, and as such, within reason, we welcome most creatures and characters into our system.

Broadly speaking, creatures, species and lineages fit into the following categories:

Human/Humanoid species - Humans are by far the most common species on Idenia, and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes from fur clad tribesmen to the piously civilised people of The Emerald Empire and everything in between. They pretty much get on with everybody, and are equally adept as wizards, priests, warriors or scouts.

Elven/Sylvan species - Elves are fairly common in Eden with Ash elves found in the Ash Wastes of Enchantica, Dark Elves in their subterranean fortresses and Sylvan elves in the Oakwoods. Elves are also found in some of the Idenian continents but are rarer and in Havdan are considered to be freaks fit only for travelling circuses (due to their pointy ears and inate ability to cast magic). Elves are fleet of foot, intelligent (in the main) but weak and easily injured in combat. As a result of this they tend to gravitate towards magic or scouting, though there is no reason why an Elf cannot be a Priest or a Warrior. They are generally suspicious of Half-Orcs, seeing them as violent and stupid.

Goblinoid/Orcish Species - Orcs, Goblins and Trolls are found all over Eden and even have their own Reservation in The Protectorate where they can practice their tribal customs without upsetting the delicate sensibilities of other weaker races. Orcs are large, clumsy, strong and exhibit great cunning as opposed to intelligence. They tend to gravitate towards fighting roles, though there is no reason why an Orc cannot be a Scout, a Priest or even a Wizard. They are generally suspicious of Elves, seeing them as arrogant and weak.

Fey Creatures - Similar to the more traditional Elf lineages but of a more magical nature. Creatures that fit in this species include sprites, pixies, fairies and other highly magical creatures.

Others - As stated previously virtually any lineage of character can be played as part of the H&H world. This can be as traditional as a Dwarf all the way to stone golems, lizardmen and half-Giants. Literally anything goes as long as you can make a costume for it...you should see the stone golem character - when he took the train, he literally stopped traffic!